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The information on the website is not meant to provide legal advice.We provide advisory, brokerage and mediation services only where permitted by law and will not act as attorney for any party. For more information about client engagements, communications and privacy see the FAQ page.

What are some potential benefits of business consulting, mediation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services?

These services are designed to prevent and resolve disputes  and help people reach goals and agreements in the most friendly, fast and cost effective way possible. In many cases, using these services will be less expensive and less stressful than court or trying to negotiate a contract using several debating lawyers at once. Our services aim to streamline complex business transactions using decades of experience. We also make every effort to makes our services as convenient as possible. We can assist you at our offices, your location or via phone and email.

What role do attorneys have in consulting, mediation and ADR?

Your consultant, mediator or broker may be an attorney or retired attorney but will not be acting as an attorney for any party to the transaction. You may still use a lawyer. In fact, although lawyers are never required, we welcome their input and we recommend that any agreement reached in mediation be reviewed with your personal attorney before you sign to make sure you understand everything.

Can mediation be used to negotiate a contract or sale of a business?

In many cases, yes. Mediators can serve as neutral third party facilitators and assist parties in the facilitation of many types of agreements. Using mediation in a business transaction can be a way to provide confidentiality, expediency and transparency to get "all parties on the same page" in a written agreement.

Q:  How can I learn more about mediation and third party neutral facilitated agreements?

A:  Please call our office or send an email to set up a complimentary consultation.  After speaking with you, then, if you decide to move forward with mediation you will receive detailed instructions and an engagement agreement. 

Q:  Does your firm provide tax advice?

A:  No. Our assistance to you as a consultant, mediator or attorney may include reviewing and discussing financial or tax information as part of your intended transaction or negotiation (e.g. the purchase of a business) however we do not provide tax advice.  Nor do we file or prepare any tax documents for our clients including tax elections (e.g. S-Corp); for assistance with those forms or any tax questions please consult your CPA.